Can medical transcription companies supply transcription documents to various healthcare units?

It is impeccably important to understand some basic rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in case of medical transcription companies. It is important that these boundaries are not at all crossed under any relative circumstances.

It is to be noted that a medical transcription company is not to supply medical records associated with any client to other institutions unless specified to do so. The medical transcription records can be handed over to other medical institutions under a series of controlled environments.

  • When the medical records are asked for by any other institution in which the patient is presently under a course of treatment.
  • When a patient is admitted to a certain medical institution and the medical records are the immediate requisite at the given point of time.
  • If the records have been deemed necessary under a prescription concerning any form of treatment associated with the client.

In easier terms it is necessary to understand the fact that a medical transcription company is not supposed to provide for medical records to a third party unless specified to do so under any form of medical or legal obligation.