Difference between Medical Writing and Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription and medical writing are two completely independent terms which differ from each other in a number of ways. It is important that we the requisite knowledge of both these terms and are able to clearly understand the differences as well.

The terms: Medical writing refers to documentation for communicating medical terms, research and medical scientific knowledge to a range of audience in various formats of depiction. It is more of a customized approach to render the audience with the requisite scientific knowledge. On the other hand medical transcription is the process which involves recording of medical data from verbal and oral form to a documented text format. The medical data is recorded by a transcriptionist as it is versed by the medical professionals. Medical transcription generally comprises of the medical history of a patient.

Associations: The associations in medical writing are generally through research centres, medical colleges, foundations and any other such institution. The associations of medical transcription is generally at the hands of hospitals, clinics or other medical centres and treatment facilities that actually treat patients with medical conditions.

Fundamentals: Intense research is associated in medical writing as it is directed towards understanding the medical concepts, working on them and producing scientific advancements. It is necessarily the structure which helps to shape up the advancements in the medical field as a whole.

However in case of medical transcription, the fundamentals include recording of verbal data in the form of transcript documents with accuracy. It calls in for an in-depth knowledge of medical terms and accurate typing skills.

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