Is VRS a threat to Medical Transcription?

The voice recognition software, often abbreviated as the VRS has been one of the most advanced and finest competitors to modern day medical transcription. While the software necessarily is home to a fine array of features, there are still some factors that play a key role in deciphering its prolificacy over the conventional module.

Here we take a look at the comparison of some of the most influential components:

  • Accuracy: The accuracy is among the most important aspects in medical transcription. Both the conventional methodologies and VRS methodology show comparable accuracy rates. Both of them are not 100% accurate, but surely they do revolve along the same line.
  • Time Management: The VRS definitely gains in the prospect of time management. The software is an efficient solution for people that wish to manage a multitude of load in a short span of time. Conventional medical transcription methodologies at the hands of medical transcriptionists cannot account for such a higher work-flow rate under any given circumstance.
  • Software Glitch: The limitations with the VRS tend to be software glitches. It can be common in this case since the software sometimes refuses to accept or understand the verses or the accent of an individual. At the same time multi-linguistic capabilities of the machine are also limited making its proficiency bound to certain borders.

The software necessarily should not be envisioned as a threat to conventional medical transcription as sole reliance on the software will not be a wise step. Therefore a neat collaboration of the software ethics and the conventional method would the ideal solution to the best medical transcription technique for the time.

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