Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Medical transcription outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for clients working in the medical field as such a step saves time, effort as well as money. We, at DT systems specialize in providing clients with an extensive range of medical transcription services that are reliable, robust, scalable and economical as well. Outsourcing transcription services to us can benefit clients in several ways. Advantages of outsourcing medical transcription to us are as follows:

  • Lower Costs
  • Incurring lower costs is the most obvious advantage of outsourcing transcription services. Setting up your own in-house team of transcriptionists involves hard work and spending a considerable amount of money. If you outsource the same, however, you can still acquire high quality and error-free reports and that too, at a much lower cost.

  • No Compromise with Quality
  • Though outsourcing is a popular option in the transcription industry, few clients fear that implementing such a step will force them to compromise with the quality aspect. However, this is a misconception as these companies possess knowledgeable and skilled workforce that are capable of producing 99% error-free reports. At DT Systems we implement a three step quality policy that ensures that every word is thoroughly checked, before the report is finally delivered to the customer.

  • Personalized Services
  • Outsourcing your requirements will allow you to enjoy personalized services as well. At DT Systems, we listen to client requirements carefully, before finally signing the contract. For providing clients with best services, we assign transcriptionists who possess experience and knowledge about the industry to which the client belongs.

  • Reduced Turnaround Time
  • Creating a team of experienced transcriptionists from the scratch isn’t easy. One needs to invest loads of hours in finding the right talent. Even after hiring skilled employees, there’s no guarantee that the company will be successful in retaining them. In case they choose to leave, more time will be wasted in finding their replacements. Additionally, money has to be spent for training them. Opting for outsourcing services, on the other hand, can save this additional burden of money and time. If you choose the right outsourcing company, you can acquire superior transcription services at economical rates. Another interesting fact is that most outsourcing companies have a quick turnaround time, which means that you will receive reports on the same or next day at the most. At DT Systems, our TAT is usually 3-24 hours.

  • Privacy
  • Being a reputed medical transcription company, we strongly believe that every client has the right to privacy and accordingly, ensure that our services are fully HIPAA complaint. Most importantly, we make sure that all documents and applications are hosted on secure servers that also come with backup and retrieval processes.

  • Free Trial
  • Outsourcing your requirements will also allow you to enjoy a free trial. This option is especially suitable for clients who are planning to avail services of a company for the first time. In a nutshell, outsourcing your transcription services will save your time, money, apart from providing you with other benefits. Choose DT Systems today and you will be coming back to us repeatedly!